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Two firm believers that there is absolutely no way that people can fall in love at first sight; we can attest that we were wholly proven wrong. We met you could say inadvertently and made an intentional decision to get to know each other. We started loving unconditionally and now we are committed to each other wholeheartedly. We did not come into our marriage as experts because we both had failed marriages that ended in divorce. The 2.5 kids without the spouse and betrayal, brokenness, hurt and anger within. As an outsider looking in you could say that we were in no way fit to get married let alone help others with their marriage.


But God! That is who we fell in love with that allowed us to let go of our past hurts, pains and mistakes and be open to give and receive love the way our Father in Heaven always intended. One thing we do know is that an awesome marriage doesn't happen on accident. Marriage can be extremely difficult and stretch us in ways we weren't prepared for. But our marriage like your marriage was not meant to just survive, it was meant to thrive! To be an example to a world that treats marriage like a "one night stand."


Believe us that we have tackled many issues that sometimes couples can be afraid or uneasy to address. We have exes, we have a blended family and we have in-laws that are extra lovable (in our most sarcastic voice). We are not perfect at all but we know that we were two imperfect people made better by a perfect God who not only loves us but allowed our paths to cross. We show grace for our imperfections (because we do have them) and we focus not only on the positives but on God.


We realize that there's no need to be perfect to inspire others. But what people need is someone to be "real" with them, to be relatable. If we can inspire other married couples to be strong together, to love each other faithfully through the trials of marriage and allow their union to be a reflection of Christ and His church... then mission accomplished.


If our love story had a theme it would be "seize the day!" From day one we have seized every moment and taken full advantage of the opportunity to do life together. Love at first sight may seem like something that only happens in fairy tales but, this man has found his Queen because a man "who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. " (Proverbs 18:22) And we are not only living our "happily ever after" but we are doing life together God's way.

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